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Dental implants are not cheap. They represent a great solution for people who need to get their teeth done but they can be expensive to implement. There are different types of implants. Some people need only a few dental implants while others need multiple implants. However, there are solid reasons while the procedure is expensive according to Dental Implants Las Vegas:


Apart from your dentist, you might also need to pay a surgeon for your intervention. This considerably impacts the cost of the producer. If you have multiple teeth to replace, then the overall costs are even more considerable. This is why it is worth discussing your real needs with your dentist.


The materials used for dental implants are also expensive. They need to be very durable and made to be friendly with your mouth as well. They cannot be harmful to your health. While there are different materials to consider, the choices should be made with your dentist.


Teeth Extraction

In order to install the implants, you will first need to extract your teeth. Depending on the number of teeth you need to be extracted, this process can even take a few months. This is why it is important to know that you need to be able to improve the healthiness of your gums after these extractions before proceeding with the implants.

Bone Graft

The bone graft procedure refers to the replacement of bones in your jaw with bones or part of bones from other areas in your body. The process is complex and it might require considerable financial efforts as well.

What is the Dental Implant Cost Per Tooth and Cost Per Mouth

There are many types of quoted costs for dental implants. Single tooth costs usually vary between $1,500 and $6,000. The abutment and crown are included in this price. Depending on your insurance or your own financial capabilities, you might even need to consult a few dentists or dental surgeons for the best price per tooth.

A more complex job involves multiple dental implants. These costs can vary between $3,000 and $30,000 depending on the number of implants you need. A common procedure involves installing up to four dental implants which can cost up to $10,000.


There are different ways in which this can be financed. One of the simplest ways is to find a solution which works best when it comes to your insurance company. If most companies do not cover dental implants, you can even consider a loan. There are many companies offering financial loans for dental implants. Depending on your income, you can find types of loans you can re-pay in years. The easiest method is to pay in cash. While this is not possible for all people, it is always worth saving a small amount of income every month for your health. This includes the health of your teeth. It makes the investment considerable easier and it why you need to find the best solutions to save a small percentage of monthly income yourself.

Dental Implants Cost for a Single Tooth and Full Mouth

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