Dazzling white teeth you have always wanted are only an office visit away. At The Dental Lodge we have take home and in office treatments to get your teeth looking their whitest.

In recent years, one dental health procedure that has gotten a lot of public attention is teeth whitening. While the goal of good dental hygiene has always been a brighter, whiter smile; teeth whitening can remove deeper stains than brushing and flossing alone. We provide laser teeth whitening in our clinic and would love to consult with you about whitening your teeth.

Medical lasers have been used in dental work and other medical professions safely for years. The specialized equipment we use is extremely safe. Our skilled staff is highly trained to make the most of your smile, while maintaining the highest levels of safety and professionalism.

Why Lasers

You have probably seen and used some form of teeth whitening agent. Whether it was a whitening gel in the dentist’s office, a rinse or gel over the counter, or just simple whitening toothpaste, you probably noticed at least some results. Most of these methods use a combination of bleaching agents and mild polishing products to produce whiter smiles.

With over the counter, and even prescription whitening agents, results require multiple repeated usages and take place over an extended time. With lasers, the effect is intensified and the results are immediate. Rather than waiting weeks, or even months, to get that pose ready smile, you can walk out with noticeably whiter teeth in just one treatment.

The Teeth Whitening Procedure

A specialized whitening agent is applied to the teeth, creating a stain removal effect. The dental laser is then applied to the teeth, through the whitening gel, to intensify its effects and help it penetrate deeper into the teeth to remove more than just surface stains. Even ground in coffee, tea and nicotine stains are often removed completely, or made noticeably lighter after the first treatment.

One treatment is often sufficient to create the brilliant results our patients expect. If your teeth are deeply stained, a second treatment may be required to whiten them to your standards. Patients with significant damage, such as heavy coffee drinkers and smokers, should plan on multiple treatments to achieve the desired results. Unlike many prescription strength whiteners, you can brush, rinse and floss normally even the same day.